BKT Kosova and the Slovenian-Kosovar Pension Fund (FSKP) have signed a cooperation agreement. This cooperation aims to promote the mutual growth of both institutions.

The partnership between BKT Kosova and FSKP represents an important moment, as it combines the expertise of two respected entities. The cooperation agreement creates the basis for a wide range of joint initiatives that will benefit both institutions.

According to this contract, BKT Kosova and FSKP will offer opportunities to BKT clients and citizens to create individual voluntary pension savings accounts so that, at retirement age, they can maintain the standard of living for a carefree old age.

This cooperation enables customers to open pension accounts and make voluntary contribution payments in all BKT branches with zero commission.

Voluntary pension savings is a long-term investment through which additional income is created in addition to the state and mandatory pension.

Using their respective expertise, BKT Kosova and FSKP aim to increase operational efficiency, promote innovation, and provide high-quality services to their customers and BKT Kosova employees.

The agreement between BKT Kosovo and FSKP reflects their joint commitment to providing high-quality services to citizens and expanding their presence in the market.

The Slovenian-Kosovar Pension Fund
allows individuals to establish supplementary pension savings accounts within the BKT branch network.

Voluntary retirement savings are a long-term investment aimed at achieving an average annual return of 7% on investments. The primary objective is to help customers of retirement age maintain their standard of living, generate additional income alongside state and mandatory pensions, and ensure a carefree old age.

Savings Terms
The minimum monthly payment for voluntary pension contributions starts at 20 Euros per month. Immediate lump sum payments start from 1,000 Euros to 24,000 Euros within a calendar year. Projected average investment return of up to 7% per year.

Calculate your investment return and monthly pension here: https://fondipensional.com/kalkutori/

Performance of the Slovenian-Kosovar Pension Fund over the years
The Slovenian-Kosovar Pension Fund invests clients’ voluntary contributions in local and international markets to achieve the highest returns on investment. The investments are managed by PRVA GROUP’s Asset Managers, who have achieved a cumulative return on investment of 93% from 2007 until the present.

View the investment return performance from 2007 to 2023 below.

Click here to review the General Terms and Conditions of the Slovenian-Kosovar Pension Fund.

To apply to join the Slovenian-Kosovar Pension Fund, please visit the nearest BKT branch.